Eastern Eye Foundation started with the aim of helping people to facilitate better quality of life by sustainable development, accessing their Human rights, and experiencing social justice. It was started by enthusiastic young people who had light of devotion burning in their hearts.

They do this through well planned and compressive programmers in health, education , livelihoods, community participation, protection and promotion of environment and social capital.

Following are main objective of EASTERN EYE FOUNDATION

  • To improve the economic condition through income generating programs and other employment programs with the assistance of government and non-government organizations.
  • To undertake, encourage, carryout, activate, assist, participate or organize all programs of integrated remote rural development including rural technologies, eco-farming, pollution and waste management system, enterprises development, watershed and waste land and other unutilized resource management for the benefit of poor people.
  • To encourage the people to actively participate in immunization and all other health related welfare programs and to prevent drug abuse and restore health and safety standards.
  • To make adequate arrangement and start the rehabilitation centers for destitute widows, old men and women beggars, street and homeless children, physically handicapped and mentally retarded, and for other needy people.
  • To establish, run, maintain and manage institutions like Schools, Colleges, Universities, Education Research Centers, Industrial Training Centers, Other Vocational, Professional and Technical courses and centers etc.
  • To impart education among street, homeless and other deprived children and to make beggars independent through occupational training and involving in work.
  • To work and plan strategy for eradicating social evils, such as dowry system, untouchability, child marriage, casteism and child labour.
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Our mission:

"To bring equality and thus establishing peace and harmony in the society"

Our Vision:

To shape a healthy and clean society wherein each and everyone must access human rights and social justice, and witnessing the sustainable development.